one pan wonders

All hail one-pan wonders!

As you may know, I have 4 kids, including two teens and a middle-school boy who is HANGRY almost all the time. My grocery bill seems to grow as fast as the kids - my boy grew 3 inches over the summer!

So for me, meals need to be kid-friendly, filling, economical and FAST. Who has time to putz with extra prep or cleanup? Which leads me to my point:


So imagine my delight when I discovered sliders. We're talking life-changing. My kids love these little sandwiches and they are CRAZY EASY to prepare. A true win/win if there ever was.

Use your imagination to create your own slider masterpiece. All you need is the basics:

  • PAN - Your trusty 9x13" is perfect (ungreased)
  • ROLLS - You can buy slider buns, but sliced dinner rolls work great and cost less
  • MEAT - Something pre-cooked and easy, such as deli ham, turkey, rotisserie chicken, etc.
  • CHEESE - Anything that melts will do
  • CRUNCH - Optional, but awesome. Think sliced red onions, giardiniera, pickles, etc. 
  • SMEAR - Add a little pizzazz with a smear of mustard, marinara sauce, seasoned cream cheese, herb cheese, etc.
  • DRIZZLE - Mix a little melted butter or olive oil with minced garlic, Italian seasonings, a pinch of crushed red peppers, Dijon mustard, etc. and drizzle or brush over tops of the buns.
  • BAKE - Cover and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. They're done when the tops are toasty and the cheese is gooey.

It's a simple formula and the combinations are endless.

The sliders featured here are Cream City Casseroles' Italian Roast Beef Sliders and they're available for a limited time on our October dinner delivery menu. They freeze well and reheat beautifully -- just wrap a few in foil and toss in the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

So, whether you order ours or make your own, you MUST add sliders to your weekly meal plan right this minute.

You won't be sorry.