gift orders warm the holidays and our hearts

The holidays are my favorite time of the year for meal making. Typically gift orders account for about 50% of our weekly deliveries, but that number increases dramatically over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Sending a meal is a truly thoughtful, unique way to show you care. And I can tell you, it’s so deeply appreciated. We see the looks of surprise, joy and even relief every Dinner Drop Day.

We ship care packages of oven-ready meals throughout Wisconsin and parts of the Midwest.

We ship care packages of oven-ready meals throughout Wisconsin and parts of the Midwest.

Our meals have been given to families of newborns and as housewarming gifts for new neighbors. They’ve been sent to people coping with illness, injury and loss.

They’ve been given to busy moms and single parents. They’ve been given to college students far from home. And they’ve been given to the elderly and people with mobility concerns.

Churches have purchased monthly deliveries for parishioners in times of need. And our meals have been given in appreciation of a living kidney donation to make things easier as the donor recovered.

Our gift orders come from all over the country — from Seattle, WA to Alexandria, VA to Tickfaw, LA. Though our customers are diverse, they share one thing in common: the desire to feed a loved one’s body, mind and soul with a wholesome meal.

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Several companies have sent our care packages to employees on FMLA and disability. Realtors send our meals as thoughtful closing gifts. And countless teams of co-workers have taken up collections to help team members in need.

During the holidays, we receive quite a few orders for people wanting to spread holiday cheer. Our meals serve loved ones who can’t make it home for family celebrations and older adults who want a special meal without the stress, hassle our mountains of leftovers.

We receive countless emails, texts and calls thanking us for our high-touch customer service and raving about our home-style meals. These messages mean the world to Team Casserole, our meal-making and delivery crew. They warm our hearts and keep us motivated to do our very best each and every day.

And in a world where the news can be so depressing, where it’s easy to see only the worst in people, we have the honor of seeing firsthand that the world is a good place, full of kind people who look out for each other.

In other words, we see the very best in people. Every day. And that’s something to celebrate.


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